Sunday, June 19, 2011

Princess Diaries

Dear Love,

It's my second fathers day this year and I can't believe how amazingly blessed I am to be your father!
I can already tell that each year this day will become more and more important and special. It's amazing that all of my life I never really liked my birthday because it is just after Christmas, but now you have given me the reason to be celebrated half way through the year, absolutely perfect.

The beauty that you hold changes the person I am every time I see you.
You hold the fulness of my heart and I couldn't be more excited about that. You are growing up so fast and as exciting as it is to watch you become this little human, I will miss every moment that passes, and not take one for granted.

I Love you forever unconditionally, my brown eyed beauty queen,

Your Dadda,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shasta Dam

Dear Meirabel,

  You are the reason why money doesn't buy happiness. The way I feel about it is money can buy things that might make you happy, but it can not buy things that will keep you happy. Through the moments I get to spend with you, I understand that no amount of money could every make the moments better. I didn't have to spend money when we were walking down the sidewalk on Shasta Dam and as I was holding you in my arms when you leaned in with lips puckered and gave me the sweetest little kiss, that didn't cost a thing yet no amount of money could of made that moment better. It was all you, you are my happiness, you are my Love. The pictures of you on the ledge with Shasta Dam/Lake/Mountain in the background will forever be a memory etched into my imagination that will create business ideas for me.

This is the beginning of a Blog that i wanted to start for you. You will be a year and a half in 8 days and most likely wont read these until there are hundreds. My idea with all this is that I will post on here after every date that I take you on (which will be many). My goal is to always let you know my Love and appriciation for you, and how amazingly proud I am to be your father.

I Love you my Princess, my beautiful worshiper.
Your Dadda,